Boutique Empire Recording

Boutique Empire Recording is the personal studio of producer Mark R. Henning. Since 2006 he has worked on several local and international singles and albums in addition to the eighteen different Boutique Empire releases (including the 2010 single Candy Candy by Guilty About Girls, and the underground sensation New City Anthem by Sex With Strangers). A proven creative hub, the studio is a relaxed musical environment located right in the centre of Vancouver..


Henning has been recording and producing for 17 years since his departure from 90's alternative rock band Pure. Over the past decade he has worked with many excellent artists in studios across North America and the UK. In 2006 he returned to writing original music and the need to capture the songs led to the creation of the project studio. In addiition to every Combine the Victorious release there have been four albums from Sex With Strangers, three eps from Guilty About Girls and several singles and albums from other artists recorded and mixed at Boutique Empire Studio. (see "Clients" for a more comprehesive list of artists). Always in search of new artists to work with, Henning splits his time between producing, mixing, video editing and Combine the Victorious.