Boutique Empire Releases

Calle Verde - La Faena (a short film)


2021 Calle Verde - La Faena

A short film told through Flamenco dance.







Combine the Victorious-What's Going On In Your Head


2020 Single release, a dark and brooding foreshowing of a future full length release.


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Combine the Victorious-The Bolsheviks (Hold On)


2019 Single release, one of Combine's most minimal tracks.


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Combine the Victorious-Real Life Turns Me On (Kreap Backroom Orgy Mix)


Australian producer Kreap recreates Combine the Victorious Real Life Turns Me On into irresistable disco-funk

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Combine the Victorious - Autonomous


The second full length album from Combine the Victoriuos. The duo has collaborated with several musical guests, including Don Harrison (Sons of Freedom), Leigh Grant (Pure), Ingrid Schroeder, Barry Flynn, Stefan Sigerson, Jordy Birch, and more. 12 songs bridging the musical space between electronic and rock, including remixes from Paul Schroeder and Adam "Wonderbro" Percy.


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The Population Drops - Way Down


Debut Album from Vancouver's The Population Drops. 15 fast paced post-punk songs: Wanted You To, Marketplace, What You're After, On Your Dress, Way Down, Supreme, Peasents, Enough, Find Another End,All You Sought, Consumer, Right Now, A Lot Like You, Found You, If I Had

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Combine the Victorious - Brotherhood


1. Brotherhood

In memory of a dear friend, Todd Simko.

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Boutique Empire Rec:13


1. Badgerchild - As the Sky Breaks

2. Marc Wild - Anna

3. Combine the Victorious - Smoke and Choke (Hairy Debbie Remix)

4. Blank Cinema - Destroy Together

Limited Edition CD (sold out)







Pure - So West Coast


1. So West Coast

(this was the final Pure song that our friend Todd Simko ever played on, recorded in 2010, and mixed in 2012 after his death)

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Combine the Victorious - Crumbling Hearts


1.Crumbling Hearts

2. California

3. Glasgow

4. Smoke and Choke

5. Paros

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Combine the Victorious - Paros (single)


1. Paros

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Combine the Victorious - Glasgow (single)


1. Glasgow

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DancefloorGuilty About Girls - Dancefloor (single)


1. Dancefloor

2. Dancefloor (Kreap Remix)

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Combine the Victorious - California (feat Ingrid Schroeder)


1. California (featuring Ingrid Schroeder)

2. California - HermosaVampire Liberation Mix

3. California (Kreap remix)

4. California - PantiesWhiskey&Grindhouse Rebels mix

5 - Califormer - the Keeper Remix






rivieraGuilty About Girls - Riviera (single)


1. Riviera - Kreap Remix

2. Riviera (PM Mix)

3. Riviera (AM MIx)









frontierjusticeSex With Strangers - Frontier Justice


1. Crimes of the Heart

2. Born Again Liars Social Club

3. Two Thieves

4. Queen of the Cave

5. Night Parade

6. Frontier Justice

7. Image of Lust

8. Kill Your Friends (With Kindness)

9. The Coven

10. Seven Border Wars

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Sex With Strangers - We Want the Fire (Night Versions)


1. We Want the Fire (original mix)

2. We Want the Fire (AToM Remix)

3. We Are the Ones (mrh rmx)

4. The Lovers Will Rise Tonight (AToM Remix)

5. We Want the Fire (The Keeper Remix)

6. Downtown Fever - Lurch's Freaky Creepfunk Remix

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tvboGuilty About Girls - The Very Best of...


1. Candy Candy

2. Easy Satisfaction

3. Runners

4. Polygraph

5. Sleepy Kid

6. Brand New High

7. Luv

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gilleszoltyGilles Zolty - Gilles Zolty


1. I'm a Boat

2. Sunnyface

3. Haunted by Love

4. Fleur

5. Yeah

6. Born to be Together

7. Joan

8. Secret Spot

9. Quand Tu Me Pense

10. Starving

11. Tumbleweed

12. Butterfly

13. Blame

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Boutique Empire Rec:'10


1. Ingrid Schroeder - Beat Up Little Box (remix)

2. Combine the Victorious vs. Lurch - The Hours (Spoonfed in Dehli Hippy Curry Remix)

3. Marc Wild - Anna

4. Gilles Zolty - Borntobetogether (rmx)

5. Piper Davis - Academics

6. Sex With Strangers - New City Anthem

7. Guilty About Girls - Candy Candy

8. Chiwawa - I Don't Wanna Talk

9. Ten Suns - Go

10. Mince - No Loveliness (ft. Red)

11. Sex With Strangers - I Will Be the Last One

12. Combine the Victorious - A Very Fun Life

13 . Guilty About Girls - Luv

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Sex With Strangers - The Tokyo Steel


1. Tokyo Steel

2. New City Anthem

3. We Want the Fire

4. Shibuya 10:13pm

5. Sharpen the Knife

6. Last of the Unreals

7. The Dawn of Sexy

8. Asakusa 12:13am

9. (The Part Where You) Surrender

10 . We Are the Ones

11. Only Where Night Allows

12. Shinagawa 2:13am

13. I Will Be the Last One

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Guilty About Girls - Vrgn Angl Mtrl Luv


1. Vrgn

2. Angl

3. Mtrl

4. Luv

no longer available







Combine the Victorious - Disagreements


1. Charmer

2. Decay


4. Back in Style

5. Where Are You

6. Segue - Please

7. Please

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Guilty About Girls - EP1


1. Polygraph

2. Karaoke With Me

3. Sleepy Kid

4. Brand New High

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Sex With Strangers - The Modern Seduction


1. The Enemy Has Gone Too Far

2. Moment 13

3. Take Back the Night

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. The Lovers Will Rise Tonight

6. The Turning Point

7. Downtown Fever

8. Dance Commander

9. The Modern Seduction

10. New Persuader

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Combine the Victorious - The World Over


1. Blue Kitchen

2. Dafty

3. For the Glory

4. King's Cross

5. Embrace

6. The Hours

7. Twist of Fate

8. No Problems

9. All Together

10. All of the Love

11. Churchgoer

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