Mark R Henning, Boutique Empire, producer

Boutique Empire was born an artist's collective but has always been centred around Mark R Henning. Being a musician engineer, and producer, he has also added video production to his skill set.

Mark Henning is a classically trained pianist that transitioned from a performer to record producer in the mid 1990's. Signed to Reprise record in 1992 with the Canadian alternative rock band Pure, he recorded and toured until the late nineties. From 1997 through 2005 Mark was the main engineer at N.A.L. Sound in North Vancouver until going free lance in 2005. During that time Henning made records in Canada and the UK until in 2007 when he partnered with his wife to create the indie electronic project Combine the Victorious.

In 2007 Boutique Empire was born. It was to be a collective of three groups: Combine the Victorious, Sex With Strangers and Guilty About Girls. Later novels from writer Vince Tuckwood were released under the label as well as Gilles Zolty's second full length and the post-punk act The Population Drops. In 2022 folk rock group Headlong Hearts was added to the family with their debut release “What We Call Forever.

An addition to music releases Boutique Empire has been producing events in the Vancouver, BC area over the past 12 years. Fashion shows featuring the creations of Isabelle Dunlop, live concerts and social events have all occured under the BE banner.  In 2012 video production began to be taken seriously as well.

Today the Boutique Empire collective includes music, video and a dedicated production studio in Vancouver. Coming up in 2024 we shall be adding Colin Goldie's album to our collective output, featuring members of Headlong Hearts backing him as well as Mark Henning producing once again.